Your 100% positive ELECTRONIC MUSIC community!

Our project

We connect you with other believers, promote artists and organize events. You shouldn't miss out on this.

Our history

Everyone starts small - just like us. We believe that this community will grow and create something that you have been missing.

What makes us stand out?

KINGDOM - dance! is a music community inspired by two passions. The love for electronic music, be it house, techno, goa, hardstyle or commercial. And we follow the example of Jesus Christ to love all people unconditionally. We care for each other, live encouragement and only enjoy music with 100% positive lyrics. We want to be role models who organize family-friendly events where drugs, alcohol and other intoxicants have no place. This is how positive dance culture is created and this is what unites the worldwide Kingdom - dance! Family.

Who should join us?

DJ's and producers

Do you examine your lyrics and want to be a role model?

Dancers and creatives

Are you looking for a stage to present your art and your talent?

Specialists for foto and video

Do you love taking photos or videos at dance events?

Organizers and assistants

Do you like our vision and would you like help with organization?

Electronic music lovers

Do you like to dance to music that is good for your heart?

Our highlights

Annual open-air camping with electronic music
Trips to electronic festivals with backstage opportunities
Joint organization of the annual Talentcamp
Online workshops and Discord community

Where does 100% positivity come from? 

Sober lifestyle. Forgiving life. Love all. Where does this come from? For many millennia, war, hatred and intrigue ruled the world, but there is another way. In fact, it was Jesus Christ who was the first to call all people to unconditional love. That is why he is the ideal and role model when it comes to 100% positivity. Sober we have fun like never before and avoid quarrels and accidents.

Everyone is welcome

Serving attitude

If you are motivated to be helpful and you decided to be a person of peace.

Love unconditional

If you can consider Jesus Christ as the model of love.

Grow together

If you would like to get involved so that the community can grow.

One vision

If you can identify with our vision and are willing to lend a hand or make a donation.

Upcoming events

Gathering 2024

We work closely with festival organizers to offer meeting places for the Kingdom - dance! community.

Talentcamp / Clubnight 2024

As soon as we have found a partner for our own events, we will inform you within the community.

Is it your dream too?

Would you like to see more positive electronic dance events?
Then give us a signal right now!

Why should you register on our list? 
We can plan bigger with every person.

So register for free.
That way you'll know immediately what's coming up.

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